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Monday, July 21st, 2008
4:01 pm
My lifelist (things to do before I die).
1. Travel all over the world and meet all sorts of people from different cultures.

2. Do charity work with countries suffering from poverty.

3. Learn at least one new language. Like Chinese or Japanese. Or Spanish. Or African. Depending on where life takes me to.

4. Get a degree/masters in a subject I really love.

5. Take up theological studies.

6. Live overseas for a period of time.

7. Pick up a musical instrument and write music on my own again. Fo' sho.

8. Write a proper-lengthed short story.

9. Watch a Broadway musical.

10. Visit New York City.

11. Have a kid, whether naturally, adopted or artificially-inseminated.

12. Find love and keep it.

13. See my sisters happy and settled, whatever they choose to do with their lives.

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Tuesday, October 10th, 2006
4:01 pm
mi thots> this group uplifts mi

*HEHE* I do one of these about once a month it seems =] 

   . See (my sister) Hally win the lottery and fulfill her dreams to care about her loved ones.
   . Visit many places on the Earth to have a greater sense of humanity and appreciation for what I already have (and because I think it would be a profound
and happy/wonderful experience).
   . Live in a completely earth-friendly state, where everything I own from my home to my car uses renewable energy sources and is "green."
   . To design and help build my own authentically "green" house.
   . To be a part of something greater than my self or my ego, that will be helpful and make a lasting mark on the world (but not necessarily give ME any real praise).
   . To fall and be in true love with another person who truly loves and cares for me in return. And if it is selfish or unselfish it is for the right reasons and not ego-based ones.
   . To go live with my family in Australia.
   . To live in Japan.
   . To live in Portland, Oregon and have it still BE Portland, OREGON.
   . To own the coffee house I have been building in my head since I was 15 or so.
   . To be more ambitious in doing my best and being myself.
   . To publish books (mine) and teach.
   . To make a difference in other people's lives.
   . To stop worrying about money and just be happy.
   . To learn to speak multiple languages fluently (French, Chinese, Japanese, Sanskrit, Kemet, Basque, Russian, "English" ;)
   . Go on really fantastic road trips with friends, but a few by myself.
   . See Ryn make her production company and help her fulfill her dream in every way I can.
   . Read & talk with Tod as much as I can.
   . Go to South America with Lindsay and re-learn to surf!
   .  Swim in the cold ocean again.
   . Run or Own a successful publishing firm with Brandon.
   . Be a librarian at least once for a little while.
   . Write an anime or film script that sells. Or maybe just begin writing scripts that sell and tell people interesting, uplifting stories.
   . Have a better relationship with my friends (being less socially awkward around them) and be able to always speak honestly and sincerely with them.
Also to be a source of integrity, care/love, creativity, inspiration and trust for them.
   . Make a soundtrack for a movie.

All these things are equally important to me, so I took away their numbers and just wrote them as I thought of them instead. =]

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2005
10:05 pm
I created the community on spur-of-the-moment because I realized that most people have never heard of a life list. What's on your list list? What is next on your list to be completed? what difficulties have you encountered?

My life list is too long to post here, but the next thing I'd like to cross is is writing a novel. The difficulties include massive amounts of mental diarrhea commonly known as writer's block.

Your turn!


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2:41 pm
Post #1
I joined Lis - I joined. Now all I need is a life list!



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